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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walto

Hi guys I’m Anthony I roleplay a paladin knight called Pokken Dundragon. Join me on an adventure and learn about my group of friends Dungeon and dragons exploits as we begin a campaign for the first ever time. (We played the starter set to learn to play but don think that counts). Look forward to tips and advice on how to get your mates together and play easily (we ain’t experts just a group of friends having fun), stories from the adventures we take (animal cruelty may have to be called if Rurik has any more pet spiders killed)

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy all future content.

Anthony Spurrier/ Director


Get ready to meet the characters from our party.


The son of a farmer, Malek Nofel was born under the passing of the great meteor Eldorus a celestial event that takes place every 500 years. At the age of 7 he began to have vivid dreams of a pitched battle taken place on a wartorn field, one side of the field a plethora of […]

Pokken Dundragon

POKKEN remembers little of his parents his mother died during child birth. When he was jus 5 years old his home town was invaded by tiamets worshippers, the wyrmlairds. Pokkens memories of his father’s brave struggle against all odds to protect him, being gallant and brave till the last, have given pokken a burning sense […]


Pull up a stool and enjoy these tales of adventure from our games.

Final Encounter- part 4

A soft glow of golden light emanates from the circle on the floor. The bruised Half orc steps forward and gets bathed in the radiant light. The cuts slowly begin to close and the bruises dissipate, Deckard’s fatigue disappears and as he steps out of the light he rubs his shoulder swinging it round in […]

Final Encounter- part 3

SWOOSH!!! The head of the great axe, blood stained, cleaves through the air almost graciously as the it slices cleanly through the neck of the nearest Bugbear. The huge muscular Half-Orc roars out in the midst of his huge rage. His face stained in the blood of his fallen enemies. He had run on ahead […]

Final Encounter- Part 2

Atticus crashes through the huge stone walls a campfire lights up a grand room from the opposite end. Six huge stone pillars line the hall three on either side. To Atticus’ right is a grand set of stairs. A large stone statue of a dwarfen deity stands at the far wall. Jewels on the statue […]

The Final Encounter – part 1

From the opening of a small pipe 20ft high above the crevice floor. A small silhouette etched in the darkness peers down watchin. Unsteady on his feet Rurik the Ranger Dwarf has sustained serious injuries from the various encounters and grief for the loss of his pet spider consumes him. “I…I…I had to run, I […]


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