Final Encounter- Part 2

Atticus crashes through the huge stone walls a campfire lights up a grand room from the opposite end. Six huge stone pillars line the hall three on either side. To Atticus’ right is a grand set of stairs. A large stone statue of a dwarfen deity stands at the far wall. Jewels on the statue glisten in the dancing light of the fire. A huge golden hammer glows bright held in the statues grasp. Something moves on the wall behind the statue. Atticus is unable to make it out but he can clearly see the three black silhouettes against the campfires dancing light.

“Who dares enter my great mine? Who dares stand before the Black Spider?” A low, menacing voice echoes in the great hall. The noises cause the shapes on the three walls to shuffle. Atticus turns white as he realises what the shapes are. As eight spindly, wiry legs move out from each of the bodies. The light catches the gleam of eight jet black eyes staring straight into Atticus’ soul. Two huge mandibles click and clack together a green mucus coated over them oozing from the creatures mouth. ” Ah I see you’ve notciced my pets here. now answer me or die where you stand. Who are u?” 

“I um took a wrong turn, do you know the way out? If u show me I’ll gladly leave you to it”

“Ha you take me for a fool, I know exactly why you are here. You seek the dwarf Gundrun and the treasure of these mines. My doppelganger has informed me of your party and what you did and I have been expecting you. But yet, you are here alone why is that?” From the behind the campfire two bugbears step around threatening Atticus into answering the question. ‘ I need time’ Atticus thinks to himself. A forth spider appears on the wall behind the Black Spider.

“Ah so your the Black spider I’ve heard so much about, my names Atticus the druid. Yes its true what your doppelganger said I am the one who allowed it to escape. Did it also mention that I turned on my own team knocking the big armoured religious oaf unconscious? I come to you now to join you, to give u my strength and learn from you.” The Black Spider twirls his staff between his fingers in the soft glow of the campfire Atticus notices the spider behind getting more restless eyes transfixed on Atticus. Atticus swallows hard.

“Yes I heard there was one who defied the others and allowed my doppelganger to escape… hmmm… I shall give you a chance to learn from me. You shall be in my service and do my bidding.” The bugbears look at each other, they were aching to spill Atticus blood they turn and make angry grunts in protest directed at the Black Spider. “Silence!” The Black Spider raises his staff in the air the four spiders screech in unison and the bugbears cower hands on their heads. ” Good I am in charge here and this druid will be one of us or he will die. He will be tested soon enough.” With that the elf that Atticus had been battling with before came running in from the large steps at the side of the great hall. Panic filled his eyes. As he got closer to the campfire it was clear to see he was badly injured. The elf’s right arm was limp at his side, broken, blood streamed from his lip and his left eye closed shut. 

“My master they have come back. His companions have come back!” the elf raised a crooked finger at Atticus. The Black Spider turns towards Atticus a crooked smile across his weathered face.

“Good your test is about to begin.” 

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