Final Encounter- part 4

A soft glow of golden light emanates from the circle on the floor. The bruised Half orc steps forward and gets bathed in the radiant light. The cuts slowly begin to close and the bruises dissipate, Deckard’s fatigue disappears and as he steps out of the light he rubs his shoulder swinging it round in small circles. “That even sorted that trapped nerve now where’s that son of a bitch? Time for his ass kicking.”

Taliana follows Decks through the golden circle. “Don’t you think we should take out these giant spiders first?” She brushes a long lock of red hair from her face. As if understanding what she had said two spiders close in on the group from either side. Taliana whirls her staff around her back a red glow begins to emanate at the tip. As she brings the staff in front of her the tip pointing towards the arachnid Taliana releases the Eldritch energy in a beam straight at the Monstrous fangs snapping towards her. The creature lets out a screech as the energy collides searing the flesh of the creatures face. on the opposite side Decks swings his great axe slicing off the leg of the approaching monstrosity. The Spider reels up on its hind legs bearing it huge poisonous fangs. As the creature lurches forward at Deckard it is met with  a mighty THUD  and bludgeoning pain as Pokken steps across and burys his hammer in the arachnids face.

“Don’t worry Deck’s I got your back.”

The creature stumbles backwards in retreat, hurting.

“Pokken that was my kill!” Deckard grumbled. At the back of the group the small Gnome begins to recite an incantation his hands forming purposeful strokes in the air crackles of light dance from his finger tips. As he completes the spell a strange giant statuette of a simplified human appears. The gnome points in the direction of the fog and sends the figure hurtling over the mist straight at the giant spider at the far wall.


Inside the thick fog Atticus was facing off against three bugbears who had began to advance on him. With a quick wave of his hands up above his head Atticus’ features began to change his mouth slowly began to protrude into a muzzle, thick fur started to protrude from his skin and sharp canine teeth filled his mouth. He began to let out a chuckle as he finished his transformation into a giant hyena. The first bugbear lurched forward but Atticus was too quick in his new form and was able to easily avoid the oncoming attack. He retaliated quickly as the soft fleshy tissue of the bugbears neck was exposed from the failed attack Atticus clamped his teeth down. CRACK! The bugbear went limp as Atticus powerful jaws snapped the Bugbears neck like a toothpick. The hyena released it grip and the dead bugbear dropped with a thud blood dripping from his mouth Atticus let out a sadistic chuckle. He could see fear in the other two bugbear eyes, he turned his head to catch a glimpse of both the Black Spider and the Drow leave the fog. As the Drow moved into the haze Atticus could see his shape shift and change and as he was almost completely obscured in the mist Atticus recognized his own shadowy silhouette in the grey mist. Overhead a starling whoosh attracted the attention of Atticus and the remaining bugbears. A huge Human like figure flew across the room and slammed into the giant spider on the far wall. A high pitched scream of pain wailed from the spider as it scuttled higher up the wall away from its assailant.


Slowly two dark shadows begin to emerge from the mist the first to break the mist was Atticus running full pelt away from the second figure. Pokken stepped forward and as his comrade ran past Pokken stood shield raised ready to defend his fleeing ally. “Thanks it’s the Black Spider He’s coming!” Atticus cried standing behind the heavily armoured Paladin. With that the second Shadow came into view. His eyes glowing red as he spoke in a deep menacing voice an unknown incantation. Pokken’s grip tightened on his hammer.

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!” from the right of him Pokken’s brother in arms Deckard let out an almighty howl. dropping to his knee clasping his head. Then another shriek of pain from Pokkens right as he whirls around he sees Taliana collapsing into unconsciousness in the mandables of the remaining spider.

“Taliana!” A shrill high pitched voice shouts from behind as a crossbow bolt flies across the room hitting the spider in one of its many black eyes. The creature startles backwards back up the wall and Talianas body crashes to the floor limp. Pokken see’s the small cleric Nerdtrek scarper towards her as he feels the searing pain in his lower back. He feels the hot liquid beginning to escape his body as the cold steel blade tears into him. As he recoils and turns from the attack he sees Atticus standing tall a dagger, stained crimson, in his hand. He reaches to the wound and raises his blood stained hand bewildered. Just as he was about to ask why a large crash from behind pulled his attention a bugbears corpse had jus come launching out from inside the mist followed by a giant Hyena. Realisation dawned on Pokken. Fire raged inside quelling the pain. He Turns to the Atticus that stabbed him as it shifts its form again revealing the Drow.

“Foul shapeshifting Demon I promise thee this in the presense of almighty Bahamut I will vanquish thee here today!” Pokken’s voice booms through the hall. The head of his hammer begins to glow a bright white light. The Drow leaps at Pokken dagger raised at his throat. With one rising swing Pokken’s hammer connects with the Drows chin an instant flash of radiant energy fillos the room. the drows neck snaps backwards and his lower jaw shatters at the force of the impact, launching him into a backwards summersault. The Drows lifeless body lands heaped on the floor at Pokken’s feet, as it begins to shift and twist into its original pale blue doppleganger form.


Nerdtrek reaches Taliana and feels for a pulse its faint and fading her body bleeding out from her ribs where the spiders Mandibles had pierced her sides. ” must be quick, must be quick.” The gnome fumbles with a holy symbol around his neck and begins to mutter a few words barely audible. As he parts his hands from the Holy symbol the palms glow with a bright white light. The little cleric slowly places his hands on either side of Taliana. He slowly closes his eyes and starts to recite more unadible prayers. With a jolt Talians take a huge breathe of air her eyes springing open. She looks up and see’s the small pointy hat of the gnome and big smile on his face and the can feel the warmth of his hands as they slowly move up from her sides. She slaps his hands away.

“Nerdtrek ur such a Perver….” Before she can finish she feels the drip on the back of her neck as she wheels arouns she comes face to face with seven beady spider eyes. As the spider leaps off the wall at Taliana she brings up her red glowing hands. “Chew on this!” with that a blast for searing hot fire erupts from the Talinas hands. the spiders flesh sears and bubbles. High pitched squeals of pain last only seconds before they cease as the spider is roasted alive.

“Shit Taliana remind me to never piss u off!” Nerdtrek jests as he kicks the carcass that crubles into ash as his foot connects. “c’mon lets get back to the others”. As he turns he notices the others giving chase as a Black figure runs back into the fog. As Taliana and Nerdtrek rejoin the group a Giant Hyeana begins to approach. Nerdtrek readies his crossbow.

“Easy Nerdtrek its ok it’s Atticus.” With that the Hyena stands up on it hind legs, It’s muzzl reduces and it becomes a human figure. “Now Atticus the fog if u please.” Atticus nods and close his eyes. He raises his arms above his head and lowers them slowly. As the fog dissapates one lone figure kneels at the lifeless body of a giant spider. “It’s over wizard!” Pokken bellows at the Black Spider.

“Over for you!” The Black spider begins to laugh as he rises to he feet slowly turning round he eyes glowing red. He begins to make the same deep, dark incantation as before. 

” I said stay out of my head!” Deckard shouted with rage as he runs straight for the Black spider. He lifts his leg high in the air and thrusts it out straight. His foot connecting with the Black spiders face sending him spinning in the air and crashing on the floor face down. As he clambers to his feet the black spider raises his head. Five heroes stand in front of him armed and ready.

“I Yield !” The Wizard lets out a sigh. Deckard steps forward and comes face to face with the wizard and lets out a roar. The black spider faints. Pokken steps forward next to he friend and places a hand on his shoulder.

“Well done old friend.” Pokken turns to the rest of the group “Lets get him tied up. He will stand trial for all the crimes he has commited!”


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