The son of a farmer, Malek Nofel was born under the passing of the great meteor Eldorus a celestial event that takes place every 500 years. At the age of 7 he began to have vivid dreams of a pitched battle taken place on a wartorn field, one side of the field a plethora of ash, malformed shadows and an overbearing smell of decay, the other side an aurora of piercing light so bright it disintegrated everything it touched. During one of these dreams a heavenly voice called out from the Light. The voice whom introduced themself as ‘Eldorus’ explained to Malek that those born under a Celestial events (Celestial Sparks) are almost always destined for greater things be it for good or for evil. Due to his Aasimar heritage he was suspected of being a descendant of the Ghaele, Celestial knights that protected the worlds from evil influence whilst being surrounded in the shadow themselves. Horrified by this pronouncement and scared for what this could mean Malek’s parents made him swear an oath to keep it a secret and to never tell a living soul! Years passed and Malek watched from afar as everyone around him developed friendships and relations, whilst he stayed isolated, quiet and alone. He resented it he got angry, he wanted what others had and a spark of envy was ignited. Not long after his sixteenth birthday, Eldorus sent Malek on a task to help protect a caravan that was traveling to a nearby city, this Malek decided was to be his first step into the greatness that Eldorus promised! On his way to the caravan site he watched as the local bakers daughter carried a tray laden with a loaves of bread stacked to impressive heights stepped out into the middle of the road directly into the path of an oncoming horse and carraige. Without a hesitation Malek rushes forward shoving the girl and out of the way, she shrieks! loaves fly everywhere, the carriage driver swears at them both. She smiles, Malek Blushes and they talk, they talk so long that the sun which was just rising is now high in the the sky, when Malek remembers where he is meant to be. As he rushes to join the already moving caravan he looks back to see the girl with loaves standing there waving at him. Malek found himself longing for her embrace, and a spark of Lust ignited. Three days pass with the caravan and nothing eventful happens, completely bored now Malek starts to question the truth in Eldorus’ words thinking about how he could be back in the village now with the bakers daughter getting tono know her perhaps even more. On the eve of the fifth day sullen and moody he decided to wander off from camp and look around, the night sky was clear, the temperature warm and he wanted something to happen anything to break up this boredom. Out of the trees a female voice spoke, the voice echoed through the air and sent a tingle down Malek’s spine. Seductive and Alluring this new voice promised to give Malek what he desired, what he longed for, and all he had to do was agree to want it, days of boredom got the better of him and Malek agreed, a cold itching sensation appeared at the top of his arm and dark shadows that oozed like living oil into patterns slowly descended down his arm and hand coalescencing into an exact replica of the sword he carried at his waist. Moira the voice called herself convinced Malek that the trip with this caravan was a fools errand and that he should just follow his desires, without a second though Malek deserted the caravan that very same night, he returned home to find that in the short time he was gone the Baker and his daughter had closed up and moved to a neighbouring village where she was to be betrothed to the son of the mayor, a much better prospect Make though bitterly. A few days later word reached the village that the caravan was attacked on route by a giant and there were no survivors. Hearing this Malek was enraged the caravan trip, the lost love, the two voices constantly telling him what he should do, enough was enough he decided that from then on he would chose his own destiny and follow his own path and he was going to start with avenging the caravan that he abandoned and kill the giant responsible! A spark of wrath and rage both ignited inside! A ripping sound split across both of his shoulder blades and Malek let out a howl of pain! a pair of beautiful white feathers wings sprouted from his back but within a second the luminous white dimmed to a dark purple and the feathers started to fall like the leave of a dying tree, another searing pain and Malek dropped to his hands and knees black flames started to engulfed the wings transforming them ghostly and decayed. He looked up and saw Voira and Eldorus standing side by side before collapsing into unconsciousness. Voira turned to Eldorus with a smirk on her perfect face. “Looks like I’ve won this one dear sister” and with a wry cackle vanished from sight. Eldorus a tear in her eye crouched down next to Malek, reaching across she kissed him on his forehead and said “It’s never too late” she too then vanished.

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