The Final Encounter – part 1

From the opening of a small pipe 20ft high above the crevice floor. A small silhouette etched in the darkness peers down watchin. Unsteady on his feet Rurik the Ranger Dwarf has sustained serious injuries from the various encounters and grief for the loss of his pet spider consumes him. “I…I…I had to run, I had to hide.” The dwarf whispers as the room begins to spin the last thing he sees is a flaming energy bolt flash from his right into the crevice below. Darkness swallows Rurik as he falls unconscious, exhausted and alone in the darkness.
“Arghhhh!” Screams the grotesque hulking bugbear as the energy blast cracks into his spine searing his skin. His fellow bugbears clamber up the 20ft wall and see two shadowy figures. A red glow from the end of a staff illuminates the hallowing features of the tiefling Taliana . One of the bugbears stumbles backwards at the sight. Then the second figure steps forward into the red glow. The small heavily armoured Gnome cleric Nerdtrek flashes a smirk as he raises a crossbow the red glow slowly dissipates. Crossbow raised the small pointed hat of the cleric stands proud as the glint of the steel on the tip of the crossbow bolt disappears as the light extinguishes. “FFWIP” Nerdtrek unleashes the bolt at the Dark menacing figure of a Drow. The bolt clinks off the Drows armour. A swift flurry of the Drows hands swirls his spear into a ready position.
“KILL THEM” the Drow bellows commanding the hulking bugbears. The bugbears reach up and over their heads almost in unison and each pull a javelin. Flexing their arm back straight then throwing them forward with immense speed they launch their javelins, almost simultaneously, across the cavern towards the cave mouth the intruders had launched their sneak attack from. The first two javalins clink off the solid stone walls but the third manages to graze Taliana’s arm. Unfazed Taliana raises her staff shoulder height and takes aim. A small bead of blood glistens, in the red light that begins to emanate from the end of the staff, as it dances from the cut across Taliana’s arm she turns her head toward the Drow as he screams out.
“Reinforcements! Where are my reinforcements?” He runs off into a corridor on the left-hand side of cavern the heroes were attacking.  Just before Taliana releases the energy from her eldritch blast, a massive black snarling bear appears behind the bugbears. Crashing from out of a crack in the rock, that a small stream trickles out of, the mass of pure muscle hurtles at the nearest bugbear. As the bugbear turns, two huge paws connect with him lifting him up off his feet into the air. The bugbear screams out as he falls towards the crevice floor 20ft below. The screaming abruptly stops as the bugbear hits the floor his breath forced from his lungs. The Bear turns sharply and hurtles down the corridor belting after the Drow.
“Ha Atticus sure knows how to make an entrance.” Nerdtrek states as he reloads his crossbow.
“Shall we?” Taliana asks the gnome redirecting her Staff at the Bugbear now struggling to catch his breath at the bottom of the crevice.
“After you my dear.” Nerdtrek raises his crossbow ready. Nerdtrek and Taliana smile at each other as they both take a step closer to the edge of the cave mouth. Standing back to back they both release their attacks on the unsuspecting creature below.


As Atticus the druid hurtles towards his target in his transformed state his claws clink on the stone marble floor of the tunnels corridor. He can feel the cold wet stone grazing his side as his huge bear form takes up a large portion of the space in these narrow corridors. Atticus’ ears prick up as he can hear the familiar voice of his cohort Pokken.
“Vile Wrethched beast thou shalt taste the fury of the mighty bahamut. In his name I will smite thee.”
‘Hes so over dramatic’ Atticus chuckles to himself as he rounds the last corner there waiting for him is the Drow he’s been hunting down. Atticus snarls at the Drow who replies with a fancy flurry of spins with his spear. ‘fucking show off’ Atticus roars, but only the low deep snarl of a bear can be heard leaving his lips. Atticus leaps at the Drow mouth open wide. His teeth sink deep into the Drows shoulder. The huge weight of the bear drops the Drow to one knee. The Drows lance held up against the huge neck of the Bear keeping the teeth from piercing deeper. Atticus releases his grip of the Drows shoulder and rises up onto his back legs raising his huge arm. Quick as a flash Atticus’ huge arm comes crashing down with razor sharp claws swiping across the Drows face. The force causes the Drow to drop his lance. Atticus snarls as he backs up triumphantly. The Drow coughs slightly and spits a small amount of blood onto the floor, his right hand reaches out and seizing his lance. Slowly, purposely, the Drow stands readying for an attack he looks up with a smile. Atticus’ keen animal senses pick up sounds from behind approaching fast. ‘I’m gonna be flanked, shit I gotta run’. With that Atticus turns and runs. Looking back he sees the Drow turn and walk towards where Pokkens voice emanated from. Atticus lets out a frustrated growl as he turns a corner to find a large stone door blocking his path. As he turns to run back the other way he confronted by two large bugbears raising their Morningstar’s above their head.


A blue flash lightens up the small make shift bunk room where 8 bugbears are in combat with two mighty warriors. The blue flash of radiant energy that burst from Pokken’s Hammer connecting with the head of a bugbear, and caving the side of the bugbears face into its skull, made the mighty half-orc, Deckard’s eyes hurt. Already filled with an almighty rage it only added to Deckard’s fury. The huge green half-orc raised his axe high and brings it hurtling down nearly cutting the bugbear clean in two. Whilst his axe is lodged another of the bugbears rush at Deckard. Pokken catches the bugbear out of the corner of his eye and with a full spinning step smashes the bugbear square in the face. The crack as the bugbears neck snaps under the weight of the hammer is sickening.

“I still got your back Decks don’t worry, now vile demon scum today u shall be judged.” Pokken charges at the next bugbear. Deckard manages to pull his axe free of the Bugbear corpse jus as a small gnome comes into the room.

“Heya Nerdtrek come to lend a hand lil buddy. Theres plenty for everyone.” The gnome runs towards Deckard’s side. Deckard engages the next bugbear. The sound of steel defeaning as his axe clashes with the bugbears morning star. The small gnome stops behind Deckard.


The axe and the morning star clash again. the Gnome smiles menacingly.


The Gnome lifts up a lance and plunges it into the half orcs-back. Deckard screams out in rage and pain. with that Pokken turns to see what has happened to his long time friend. The gnome begins to twist and turn as his form  changes it becomes that of a Drow. A bugbear swings his morning star and catches Pokken on the side of the head. Pokkens vision blurs and then goes black. The Drow turns to the injured Half-orc,

“Your friends are all finished now its time to join them.”

Deckards rage grows. he grips the handle of his almighty axe tight and rises to his feet .The remaining bugbears surround him Morningstar’s raised.


Atticus can feel his size diminish rapidly as the last hit from Bugbears sapped the remaining energy he had stored to keep his animal form. ‘Damn it’ he thinks to himself ‘I need to buy for time’. with that the door catches and druids eye. He turns and pulls the door frantically it wont move. The bugbears rush at Atticus. Atticus turns just in time to dodge a succession of blows stumbling back he falls through the door.


Muffled voices ring in Pokkens ears as he start to come around. 

“Leave them… food……..master needs us”

Pokken lays still listening for footseps. with that the bugbears follow the drow and leave the room. Pokken slowly rises and sees the still beaten body of Deckard in a heap on the floor. He rushes over to him.

“Decks you alright, can you hear me?”

There’s no response. Pokken checks for a pulse and administers first aid to keep him stable. We need to get the others Pokken thinks.

“Theres an old storage room …. we can barricade our selves in…ner..ner.. nerdtrek told me.” Deckard sits up slowly. 

“Thank Bahamut your alive, ” exclaimed pokken.”right lets find the others and re group.” with that pokken and Deckard leave the room.


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